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Antinol Sizarol Kot

Antinol Sizarol zawiera kompleks lipidowy znany na całym świecie jako PCSO-524. PCSO-524 posiada unikalną grupę wielonienasyconych kwasów tłuszczowych. Wśród nich znajdują się kwas eikozapentaenowy...


Antinol Sizarol

Antinol Sizarol as the supplementary chow for dogs and cats was used in research all around the world including East Asia, Australia, Russia and the USA. The tests confirmed the effectiveness of preparation...


Clivisin™ gel

Clivisin™ is used for cleaning and care of damaged skin, superficial abrasions, minor cuts, bites, burns, fractures. Clivisin™ gel supports the natural functions of tissue regeneration.



HALEVOX™ to roztwór do iniekcji zawierający 10 mg/ml niskocząsteczkowego hialuronianu sodu.


Sizarol Complex Forte

Sizarol Complex Forte is a syrup recommended for the prevention and treatment of osteoarthritis in dogs and cats. This is a nutural joint protection. Sizarol Complex Forte has safe, effective and fast...

sizarol complex ha

Sizarol Complex HA

Sizarol Complex HA is an animal feed in the form of tablets dedicated to cats and dogs. It is advised in the prevention and treatment of arthritis to slow down further cartilage degradation. The synergic...


Zestaw zabiegowy Xerthra Freeze kit

Zestaw zabiegowy przeznaczony do izolacji i separacji osocza z krwi pacjenta oraz przechowywania wyizolowanego osocza do 10 dni w temperaturze 4°C.

lutico pacshot_20180626


Lutico™ is a preparation for cats supporting the treatment of lower urinary tract disorders, idiopathic cystitis; additionally, it has a calming and anti-stress effect.

sizarole complex horse pacshot 1

Sizarol Complex Horse

Sizarol Complex Horse is an apple-flavoured syrup intended for the particular nutritional use of horses and ponies suffering from degenerative joint disease. Appropriate and safe combination of ingredients...