Veterinary orthopedics

In 2017, we decided to expand the range of products offered in the field of veterinary orthopedics. We have introduced to our offer products dedicated to traumatology when establishing cooperation with the Italian company INTRAUMA, which designs and manufactures the patented conical FIXIN ™ locking system. The company is involved in ongoing research and development of both materials and production processes, cooperates with experienced trauma orthoses to provide the highest quality traumatic implants. Many years of experience, quality and recognition among specialist doctors for the products of this manufacturer, provides us with the opportunity to offer innovative and patented solutions.

intrauma FIXIN

1. System FIXIN ™

The Fixin range includes a wide variety of plates designed for different indications including traumatology, corrective osteotomies and tarsus and carpus arthrodesis and panarthrodesis. The FIXIN system...

intrauma micro series

2. Micro Series FIXIN ™

The 1.7 series ( micro ) developed for small dogs up to 3-4 Kg and cats.

intrauma mini series

3. Mini Series FIXIN ™

The 1.9-2.5 series ( mini ) developed for small dogs up to 10 kg and cats.

intrauma standard

4. Standard Series FIXIN ™

The 3.0-3.5 series (standard) developed for medium, large and giant dogs.


5. System ISOLOCK

ISOLOCK is a system of completely sterile orthopedic sutures made of a braided UHMWPE1 cord; titanium screw and button and stainless steel needles. The Isolock seam system is available in three sizes:...