Biovico Laboratory

Creating the valuable medical preparation is a long and laborious process. Formulating its components from the scratch, based on best assailable and effective elements requires months of work and sometimes even years of advanced tests and analysis. Knowledge, above average skills of the qualified team and finally, access to highly specialized equipment is crucial to this process. Therefore, the path for Biovico products to the pharmacy starts here - in our laboratory.

In Biovico laboratory we work responsibly and comprehensively. Keeping in mind patients’ needs, we pay attention to every detail on every stage of development process. We are not afraid of scientific challenges. We are aware of the fact that the only way to create new and valuable solutions is to respond to demands. For a long time, the effects are visible only under a microscope in the test tubes and reagents over which the scientists lean every day. The gathering of specialists and at the same time people passionate about pharmacy, biotechnology and chemistry is what creates the brand of Biovico laboratory. We are confident that every day, in this place, we participate in something extremely significant. Thanks to cooperation with many important research centers we form something new, vital to the patients. We test, analyze, discover and inspire. We take the fruits of our labor from the microscope and transfer them into medical products and dietary supplements which dynamize people all around the world.

Dynamic is born in Biovico laboratory.

Get to know our research profile: see how our departments complete each other and create one dynamic whole.


Biopolymers department

The department is in charge of biopolymers improvement. They search for new methods of obtaining biopolymers mixtures – they use modification and crosslinking to get new and better properties.

Biological test department

The section of specialists who test the results of other departments’ work. Biological tests department also includes wide-scale in vitro tests conducted under laboratory conditions.

Analysis and extraction department

The section that is devoted to quality and quantity analysis of active fractions generated by other laboratory departments.

Biotechnology department

Specialists in the field of biotechnology at a molecular level. This unit works on new methods of obtaining active compounds using the gene expression.

We have patents for dynamic

We protect our innovations – the effects of many years of tests by patent applications submitted to Polish Patent Office. In 2015 we submitted two applications nationwide and worldwide:

– Development of a new technology of polyphenolic compounds extraction.

– Plant compositions with a specific biological activity. Within this project, we obtained compounds with anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant properties used in preparations connected with the movement.

We dynamize the research projects

We inspire and we want to be inspired by fresh and valuable knowledge. Full and complex development is possible only in case of wide-scale cooperation between research centers and participation in international research projects. Over the years we had a pleasure to participate in many innovative projects.