Dynamic development knows no limits

Biovico never stops. It always aims high, constantly reaches for more. The positive reception of our products on domestic market motivates us to push the boundaries and to look for new markets and development areas.

Biovico laboratory is where the magic happens. There is no exaggeration in these words! Imagine the space where the history of health takes place. Something ground-breaking, extremely important for human and at the same time something that cannot be seen with a naked eye. Firstly, it is visible only under the microscope, in test tubes and reagents over which a team of specialists leans every day. This is a team of specialists and people passionate about pharmacy, biotechnology, and chemistry who are united in Biovico laboratory. We are certain that every day we participate in something highly important. By cooperating with many respected research centers we create something new, something that patients need. We test, analyze, discover and inspire. We take the fruits of our labor from the microscope and transfer them into medical products and dietary supplements which dynamize people all around the world.