Biovico Laboratories: where nature meets science

Sunday July 17th, 2016

Biotechnology is one of the biggest growth areas in research, and with technological advancements and stricter regulation of drugs, medical products, diet supplements and foods we are striving to ensure even better quality control. We are always working to enhance our products to make them meet all customer expectations. Biovico’s stunning growth rate lead us to relocate our newest research and development laboratory to the prestigious Pomeranian Science and Technology Park in Gdynia, Poland. Since 2013, we have been developing our products in laboratories that offer the world’s best and most advanced equipment. Combining years of experience with cutting-edge technology, we create an ever-growing range of studies and services. At over 200 square meters, three Biovico research units (extraction and analysis, biopolymers and biological research units) can be found. Extraction and analysis is a unit focused on technological processes, active compounds and industrial biotechnology. In the polymers unit, our employees create formulas and develop innovative viscosupplements and regenerative drugs and modify the structures of nanocellulose wound dressings. The biological research unit deals with the bio functions of developed prototypes, biological activity evaluation of products and stem-cell therapies in core therapeutic areas. Our laboratory team are highly experienced researchers eager to utilize the latest developments in medicine. Led by Krzysztof Lemke, PhD, our dedicated personnel consists of pharmacy, medicine, chemistry and biotechnology specialists. Professional, innovative and experienced, we are always looking for opportunities for personal growth. The synergy of knowledge, specialist expertise and cutting-edge equipment has pushed us to the rising top-tier of pharmaceutical companies in the country. Always searching for better solutions, we are working to expand our offer and research. Recently, we added ThymoXanTM and INFLOX® to our products; the first is available on the market, while the latter is now being tested clinically. A range of Biovico products are still in development. We are continuing our research on advanced wound care products such as liquid and enriched dressings, specialist veterinary products and nutraceuticals. With these additions, we are aspiring to meet and surpass the expectations of our customers. Biovico ensures professional expert evaluation of our product parameters and characteristics. Consumer care and an environmental mindset is our priority and mission.